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Do You See What I See?

Happy 2016! Our Red-tail friends are still in town. Can you find them here at the Wells? Hint: look at both ends of the bldg. On another note, here’s the nest from February 2015 And here’s the nest today. Seems puffier but who’s been doing the work? Ciao

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I’m Looking Thru You

Nov 10, 2015 As the leaves begin to fall and temperatures cool, Raleigh’s Red-tails seem to become more ‘visible’. But when one of them stares down at you, it can be pretty intimidating. Both Papa and Mama RT are around and I’ve seen them in the ‘usual’ locations.  This is good, but doesn’t mean they’ll be back.…

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Hello, Old Friend

October 30, 2015 After several weeks of close-to-zero sightings, I see an old friend at a familiar spot. Our Red-tail friends are still around.  Will they be back to nest next year is anybody’s guess. We’ll find out in the next few months. Ciao

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September Morn

No Neil Diamond, but I like the song The hawks made an appearance the first morning of September and at a familiar spot nonetheless! Mama doing a morning stretchhhhhh….. And of course, Papa was close by… There also have been reports from folks in the area seeing both hawks. Are they making a comeback? I…

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Aug4 (3 of 15)

Totally Oblivious

August 4, 2015 The dog days of summer are upon us.  I saw a bird flying up and landing on a building.  At first I thought it was a crow but since it had brown feathers and a Red-tail, I relaized it was a hawk. A Mockingbird followed Mama and started bugging her.  Mama had…

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Jul7 (2 of 15)

A Day in the Life of a Chipmunk

July 7, 2015 The day began with Mama perched high and looking down.  But at what you ask? As I walked around the building to get a better view, I found Alvin on the parking lot enjoying breakfast. High above, Mama was watching and several crows were bugging her. Mama took off with the now-familiar no-wing flap…

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