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Flight of the Intruder

March 20, 2015 The morning was rather wet and there was no chance to see if our Red-tail friends were in the area.  The rain finally stopped around lunch time (as promised by Mr. Weatherman, thank you.), and I briefly saw one Red-tail adult streak across downtown and flew south. As I walked along Moore…

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Squirrel Hunt

March 13 I walked around the Capitol and one of the workers there told me that he’s seen a hawk earlier in the day. It was also here a few days ago eating lunch and unmindful of all the people taking pictures.  Hmmm… I thought that would be the Inquisitor, but who knows.  So I…

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Sky Blue with a Splash of Red

March 6, 2015 On my way home, I saw this fella on a familiar camera post.  It was Papa, but, nope. He wasn’t going back to the ol’ nest. Off Papa flew… I know not where.March 12, 2015 I haven’t seen Mama or Papa in a while and of course!  At this time of the…

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Ain’t it foggy outside?

March 2, 2015 Looks like Mama and Papa RT have given up on the Capitol area.  The Inquisitor (AKA Visitor) has been in and out of the Capitol with impunity.   Preening… Hopping from tree to tree…  unchallenged. I have not seen Mama or Papa in the Capitol area in the past few weeks.  However……

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No Activity

Feb 25 The nest has been quiet and I haven’t seen the resident Red-tails for over a week.  Do they know we have a big storm coming tonight? Maybe.  I think that birds have a built-in weather system :) This was last monday Feb 23, not the big one that’s expected tonight. And this Peregrine…

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Nary a Creature in Sight

Feb 19 It was a blamy :) 12 degress as I took my morning stroll at the Capitol.  Nary a creature in sight except for a solitary Blue-jay chirping away in the distance. The fountains around the Capitol were running and it was quite interesting to see.    By lunch time, I thought the ice…

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Feb 12 I still stop by the nest everyday hoping that these RT’s are just late this year, but so far, nothing.  Oh, well. It was a cold noon-time walk but at least the lighting was excellent.  I looked up at the Wells and saw a Red-tail.  Looking a little lower, was another Red-tail! Yes,…

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