Nest For Rent

Feb 11 freezing morning with the sun was just barely above the horizon. Guess who’s out early to hunt? The Visitor! The Visitor eyed on something and took off.  It had a ‘lock’ on its target. It was a squirrel by the railings on the south east corner of the Capitol.  He missed but he…

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Landing (10 of 30)

Landing 101

  Feb 6 2015 Red-tails have been quite active in the past week.  I saw a hawk in the distance by Moore Square Park. It was circling and then headed west.  I took a guess that he’d be landing at the spire.   They make it look easy :) Ciao JP

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Feb06 (21 of 21)

Challenging the residents

Feb 6, 2015 Brrr…. cold 15 degree morning.  Nothing on the Capitol, but around lunch time… I wasn’t sure who this was, but I had a hunch.  Just when I thought the Visitor had left the area, here he was again.   Something on the ground caught his attention…   He felt comfy… preening… Check…

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Hello Raleigh, We’re Back

After a few brief sightings of the residents in the past few days, finally … January 29, 2015 The sun was barely above the horizon on a chilly January day, but one Red-tail was sitting on a fence rail… One?  There were actually two!   Both are getting some grey hair… err feathers :) Yes, Mama!…

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Home 3 Visitors 7

Jan 27 Yep.  The residents are catching up.  I’ve seen them downtown 3 days in a row.  But there’s competition… Turkey Vultures have been very active around the Wells but, being scavengers, they don’t directly compete. Jan 28 It’s birds like this Cooper’s hawk  who has been quite visible in downtown lately. Pigeons are always…

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Don’t Give Up On Us… yet

Jan 26 The weather has been crappy, but it brightened up a bit around noon, then dark clouds filled the skies again.     I took a quick stroll to the Capitol and saw a sight for sore eyes.  Yes! A Red-tail, but who?  The Visitor seldom if ever has perched on the tall buildings.…

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