Raleigh Raptors – The Eyasses


Looks like we have at least 2 eyasses and some cute little wings!  These were taken from the top of the steps of the Agriculture Building.


“Roger, Raleigh we have a visual!”

Papa and Mama are busy daily feeding and watching the young Red-tails.  Early morning watch detail is usually at the church’s steeple windows.

But, they’re not the only hawk in town. Kassie the Kestrel is at the top of the steeple.

And she doesn’t like Papa flying too close to her nest.

And there are other nests and little ones in the area.  This Robin’s nest is only about 7 feet off the ground in a tree right across the street from the Red-tail’s nest (corner of Salisbury and Edenton).  And yep, mama Robin was feeding the hungry little ones too.

And of course, the best news of the day is first contact!  An eyas was spotted at dinner time!  We should start to see them stroll the nest this week or next. Perfect for Hawk Walk!

Papa lands with dinner.  Proud parents.

Mama takes off after the feeding chores.

The Red-tails can afford to leave the nest totally unprotected for short periods of time but they’re always close by.


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