Raleigh Raptors 4/19/2012


*ALL Images copyrighted.  Please do NOT use without permission* Arigato. Salamat. Thanks. Xie Xie. Danke. Spacibo.Gracias. Merci.

A rather cool spring day today and the little ones were nowhere in sight.  Probably cuddled up in the nest for warmth.  However, new raptors were spotted flying high over downtown.  I wasn’t sure what species this was, but I think this is an Osprey.  Hmmm…. in Downtown?

Kassie was relentless today.  She was on the attack and Mama had to “duck” (no pun intended) and weave to avoid Kassie.

Mama had enough and had to ballet out.

Birds are all over the Capitol grounds, hunting for insects and Papa was his usual efficient self, zooming in at around 90+ mph and swooping up an European Starling in less than 10 seconds.  Some folks sitting by the fountain at the Capitol saw all the action.  I was 10 seconds late 😦 and only saw Papa fly back up to the tree with his catch.  Wow. He was FAAAASSSTTTT and QUIET!


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