Raleigh Raptors – First 2 eyasses


Today wasn’t the greatest for pictures.  It was largely overcast, but with the help of an open window from the Agriculture bldg, I finally got some clear pictures of the 2 eyasses.

One parent is always nearby sometimes at the Wells Fargo building and today, Mama sat on the crane’s boom(?) that wasn’t in operation due to today’s opening of the Museums’ new wing.  But Kassie could care less as it’s too close to his nest and does what he  does best.  Chase the RTH’s off! (edit: 4/23/2012 found out this Kestrel is the male 🙂 – thanks John!

Both decided to spar and do a little “Kung-Fu” fighting in mid-air.

And the eyasses who are starting to get active … they look like Aliens.

The Red-tails continued to shop at Home Depot 🙂 and their nest is now over a foot tall.  No way to see inside the nest except from above.

One eyas watches as Mama takes off.  Give us 6 weeks and we’ll do like you, Mama!

Are there more eyasses?  So far, only 2 have been spotted.  But, like last year, one or two more could emerge in the next few days.

Where’ Babe?  Haven’t seen her in 2 weeks.


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