Raleigh Raptors – 4/23/2012

T’was a rather unseasonably cold day in April and the eyasses were nowhere to be seen.  Mama and Papa were both present though.  Papa stood guard at the steeple’s window while Mama tended to the kids.

A high-flier passed overhead.  I thought it was an Osprey, but nope, unlike last week, this was an Egret? Edit: Great Blue Heron — tnx John!

Mama took off for a stretch and the RAF (Raleigh “Air-Force”) joined her 🙂  Blue Jays and Mockingbirds may not like each other, but when there’s a common threat, they band together.

During lunch time, Union Square was relatively quiet and several baby Robins were on the park grounds.  I’m not sure why they were there.  Did they fall out of their nests?  I thought they couldn’t fly yet, but one managed to flap and get on the park bench.

But alas, as I watched, so did the RTH’s and food opportunities are never wasted.  Mama was “spotting” the prey from the nest while adult Robins watched her from a tree.

Mama dove and the actual hunt was over in less than a second.

While I took 7 shots, the swoop was so fast, only 3 frames registered the action (more like 2.5).  The other 4 were empty grass and walkway.  I was using a shutter speed of 1/1250 and it wasn’t enough to completely freeze the action as there was still some motion blur.

05:10 PM

After work, I stopped by the Robin’s nest at the corner of the Capitol.  There were 2 baby Robins that seemed to be squealing at each other. One was off the nest and could very easily have fallen off the tree and once on the ground, there’s no way back to the nest w/o human intervention.


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