Raleigh Raptors 04/24/2012

Nothing much happened today.  It was another unusually cold morning but one eyas managed to catch the early morning sun while Mama stood guard at the usual window.  The Robin’s nest by the corner tree is now empty.

Papa delivered lunch while Mama fed the kids amid strong and gusty winds.  That made for a bad “feather” day.

The winds were strong enough to throw Mama into a sideways take off, but somehow, she managed to keep her head straight :).

The next few days are forecast to be a tad warmer so hopefully, the eyasses will be more active and would walk up to the nests’ edge.  It’s almost been a year to the day when I first saw yesteryear’s eyasses (April 28, 2011) so they should start moving about the nest and looking to the world yonder.

Mack the Mockingbird says Don’t forget… Hawk Walk is tomorrow April 25!  Forecast is 72 degrees and sunny.  Perfect. See ya!


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