Raleigh Raptors – End of April

*ALL images copyrighted.  Do not use without permission* Gracias, Thank you, Merci, Xie Xie, Arigato, Spacibo, Salamat, Danke.

The day started dreary with Mama shopping for more nesting material.  Maybe some “rail-guards” to prevent the little ones from rolling off the nest 🙂

By lunch time, although still cloudy, the skies were largely bright and blue.  Papa was on duty as Mama brought in more nesting material.  The nest is deep enough that an eyas can be totally obscured from view when its in the middle of the nest.

Once Mama was in the nest, Papa took off.

The RTH’s had a visit from another raptor, and it was Monsieur Cooper.  I thought Mama would stay put in the nest and guard the kids, but instead she took off leaving the kids unprotected!!! Ay, Mama!


But it turns out that Mama had help from above, well, above their nest where the Starlings nest.  They chased Monsieur Cooper away.  The Cooper’s hawk made several turns around the church steeple, no doubt, in the hunt.   Or maybe he was expecting Hawk Walk?  That’s not till Wednesday. 🙂

Meanwhile, back at the nest, the eyasses were oblivious of the danger hovering above them.  Two minutes later, Papa was back on guard detail.  Ah, that itches.

But the best news of the day is….  there’s 3 eyasses!  And they’ve already been toilet-trained!

Yes! That’s 3!  Yawn.

And they’re no longer feature-less white blobs of cotton.  Remiges are already visible.

Could there be more than 3 eyasses? It certainly is possible.


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