Raleigh Raptors – Day full of eyasses

The sun was out and the morning was rather comfortable.  Perfect for the eyasses to be roving the edges of their home

and checking out their flight gear.  Quite a bit of remiges are already visible

At around lunch time, the sun blared and it turned into a hot and humid day.  No problem.  The nest is so situated that it doesn’t get the brunt of the full noon-day sun.

Hawk-Walk was perfect as the eyasses seemingly looked in the direction of the telescopes.  It was a treat for the hawk-walkers to see them up and about not to mention one of the adults catching lunch and landing on a lamp post no more than 50 feet away from the hawk-walkers.

Here’s the clearest images of the kids.  Looks like the RTH’s have only 3 this year and they’re always hungry.    All three seemed to be calling out to Mama for food.  Time to name the kids:  Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.

Mama drops in, not with food but rather with more nesting material.   While she can’t hover like  a hummingbird, on this landing, she had to brake and flapped hard to get some elevation and picked a spot to land so as not to accidentally hit any of the kids.  Whew!  This one was close!

These eyasses are about 3-4 weeks old and are growing fast!  In another 3-4 weeks, they should fledge the nest.  The month of May should be an interesting one to watch!


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