Raleigh Raptors 05/04/2012

The morning started out slow….. in fact, there was absolutely no action in the nest.  I must have missed the morning feeding session as all the eyasses were fast asleep, under Mama’s watchful eye.  Several Blue jays bugged Mama, but like Papa, she ignored them.

At noon, it was much of the same.  Eyasses were lethargic!  Hmmm, maybe the summer-like weather is getting to them.  So while waiting for them to get active, I took advantage of this “lull” and took images of other birds in the Raleigh forest.



The sleepiness didn’t last long as the eyasses’ stomach got them up and active and wondered with Mama…”Where’s lunch?”  Papa, our dependable tiercel springs into action and delivers lunch 5 minutes later.


Papa hands off lunch to Mama who normally does the feeding.  With his task done, Papa takes off into the blue yonder.


Later that afternoon, after doing their parenting chores, Mama and Papa take a break from the kids and both take to the air circling a few times over Union Square before settling at the Wells Fargo building.


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