Raleigh Raptors – Family Reunion

What started out as a quiet day at the nest turned into a few minutes of spectacular air-show.  Papa chased off a Turkey vulture, but that was way too fast and I didn’t catch it.  However, the news of the day isn’t the eyasses, but a small mid-air family reunion or the RTH’s were chasing another raptor away from the nest.  Either way it was neat to see.

I haven’t seen Babe in over a month and I can’t be 100% sure it’s her, but from the looks of it (compared to another photo taken on 4/10/2012) and the way the RTH’s flew together, it must have been a relative :).  Well, you decide.



Here’s a comparison from a shot taken on 4/10/2012

and today 5/7/2012.  Is it the “Babe”?

And let’s not leave the kids out of today’s blog.  Here’s Mama preening one of the little ones.


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