Raleigh Raptors – What a difference a week makes

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Last week, the eyasses still had fluff (white stuff) on their bodies and little remiges.  A week later today, their wings are now complete with remiges.  No more fluff!

And boy, can they wail when they’re hungry.


While Mama still has to “spoon-feed” (more like beak-feed) the kids, she allows them to pick the food on their own, a sure sign that it won’t be long now when food will just be delivered and the eyasses will be feeding on their own.

But their tails are still not fully-developed, and once they do, they’ll be off and flying!

One of the more interesting sequences today was Mama doing a juggling act.  She took off with lunch, but inadvertently, a big piece of twig came with it.  No time to do an emergency landing, so she juggled the food to separate it from the twig and moved it from her talon to her beak.  Now, that is one heck-of-a-feat to do in mid-air!



Bravo, Mama!

Of course, the Blue jays don’t think twice about pestering Mama.

I estimate that by the Memorial Day weekend,  these eyasses will fledge the nest.  Keep an eye on the developing tails.

I’ll be on the lookout 🙂


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