Raleigh Raptors – fly softly but carry a big stick

My book, Raleigh Raptors Spring to Spring will be available at the Hawk Walk on 5/18, 5/22 and 5/25.  Books will be at $13.00 with a bonus of 5 hawk pictures.

*ALL images copyrighted.  Please do not use without permission * thank you, merci, arigato, salamat, xie xie, spacibo, grazie, danke, qatlho

Now to the events of the day…

One fellow photographer commented today if she was imagining things.  Last week, the eyasses had mostly white and grey fluff with a sprinkling of brown remiges. One week later, it’s more brown and very little, if any, fluff left.  Nope.  That’s no imagination.  The eyasses are getting big, testing their flight gear and starting to eat on their own.



Papa, the dependable Tiercel does the daily food delivery.

Mama says “Fly softly, but carry a big stick” 🙂  Look how she moves the stick from her beak to her right talon, then to her left, all in mid-air!  Amazing dexterity!




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