Raleigh Raptors – Growing Up

The weather today in Raleigh was downright dismal, but I was able to get a few shots of the growing kids. Their tails have definitely grown longer as compared to last week when their tails were no more than little stubs sticking out their behinds 🙂  And in case you’re wondering what’s that white stuff near the tail, yep, you guessed it. That’s poop.

Ah,  what it would feel like to fly.  An eyas flapped and actually lifted off about an inch above the nest!  Look at the eyas’ right talon actually rise above the nest.  It won’t be long now!  Based on observations made last year, these eyasses should fledge in about 17 days.


And the day wouldn’t be complete without a delivery from Mama or Papa, but it’s bedding material, not food.

What!!!????  Bedding material?  I’m hungry! Where’s lunch???

And a shot from last week….

It’s Superman…. It’s a plane…. No! It’s a Bird! …. It’s Mama!


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