Raleigh Raptors – Blue jay Day

At last, a little break in the weather.  Mama and Papa were both unusually close to the nest.  Papa was on guard detail while Mama perched on the Revenue Building.   The Blue jays were close by and out in force.  Mama was  relentlessly bugged by several tenacious jays.


Papa didn’t fare any better at the steeple as the Blue jays were just out to bug them.

All this action while the kids watched from the nest.  They must be wondering who these Blue-colored, winged visitors were.  Well, if my observations on fledge day 1 last year was any indication, they’ll find out soon enough.

Noon time was no different as the Blue jays were simply relentless.  Normally, Mama wouldn’t even budge but today, she expressed her annoyance.


The Blue jays were just too much and Mama took off.

While the Blue jays stole the show, another story unfolded high above the Capitol where three Red-tails circled.  I can’t be 100% sure it’s Babe,  but again, the features match.  (see previous blog https://opienc.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/raleigh-raptors-family-reunion/).  One change is that the Babe’s tail feathers have less-pronounced grey/black stripes and quite possibly is slowly turning russet-red as she matures.  She’s about 14 months old now.


There were no hostile actions, but the RTH’s seemed like they didn’t want the Babe near the nest.  Mama “escorted” Babe out of their air space.  This is exactly the same action that happened the last time.  The RTH’s shadowed Babe’s flight path and Babe never got anywhere near the nest.  Maybe she just wanted to say Hi to her new siblings 🙂  Awww, c’mon Mom!

Papa wasn’t in the field-of-view in this image, but after the Babe left, Ma and Pa both flew close together.

Sorry, Babe.


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