Raleigh Raptors – Fall or Fledge?

May 21st. Today started off with the eyasses testing out their flight gear.  At around lunch time, one eyas was quite a bit more active jumping around the back and front of the nest and almost fell out of the nest, but managed to get a foothold and backed up safely.


Mama delivered food and this eyas had a mouthfull and after it swallowed the food, bit Mama on the eye! Baaad!


So this eyas continued to play around the edge while its sibling seemed perplexed at the acrobatics…. and you know that’s when accidents happen…


While these eyasses are physically old enough to fledge, I think this one is about a week too early.

So was this an accident/carelessness or do fledging occur like this?  It certainly is possible.

Fortunately, this fledgling did NOT hit the ground but instinctively used its wings to soar into the tree next to the nest.

“Don’t go playing at the edge of the nest!”  🙂 Boy, is it going to get a spanking from Mama or Papa later.  The question now is, will it fly back to the nest?  I don’t think so.  As inexperienced as it is in flight and landing, it would be very difficult for this fledgling to land in that narrow confined space of the nest.

If  its other 2 siblings do not fledge today or tomorrow, the RTH’s will have to feed them in BOTH locations.

UPDATE: Later that afternoon (5+ PM), Mama did what she does best.  Feed the kids specially the one that fell out of the nest.  This is reminiscent of the feeding last June 2, 2011, but that was when ALL 4 fledged.  This is different as only 1 eyas is out of the nest.  Will the other 2 eyas follow tomorrow?  Stay tuned…

And Papa did what he does best.  Hunt and deliver dinner.  Who says Red-tails are lazy?


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – Fall or Fledge?

  1. Jordan –

    Stopped by HawkWalk to buy a book about 1:05 and you were gone. What hours will you be there Friday 5/25? I can be there any time this week. Thanks

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