Raleigh Raptors – A Real Hawk-Walk

This morning, I found Wynken by the church door.  He (not sure of the gender) looked okay, but was visibly tired and tried to get thru the glass door but realized he couldn’t get thru there.  He had to poop as well so at least we know he ate (Mama did feed him yesterday at around 5 PM).


By lunch time, the Hawk-Walk was in progress and what a Hawk-Walk it was!  Literally, we had a blast today walking with Wynken.   Wynken was on a bush that was way too close to the street so for his own safety, had to be moved to a tree close to the Capitol.


Of course, the other residents didn’t take kindly to Wynken and started pestering him.  Welcome to the real world, kid!

Poor kid.  Hopefully, Mama or Papa comes later to feed him.  Here’s a few close-ups of Wynken.



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