Raleigh Raptors – Wynken

It has now been officially 2 days since Wynken accidentally fledged the nest and he has a growing list of followers.  Folks have probably taken hundreds of pictures of Wynken.  Early today, he was in the same tree as yesterday, albeit much higher up which is good as it’s safer for him.  He looked good and was crying for food.  Mama was in the nest feeding Blynken and Nod.  I thought Mama would stop by and feed him, but she didn’t, at least not at the time I was there.   However, someone else reported seeing Mama feeding Wynken a little bit later – Thanks for the report, Jack!


At lunch time, Wynken was still on the same tree and still getting pestered by Mockingbirds.  He looked a little bit more relaxed and even did some preening.


Later in the afternoon, Wynken seemed to have used its wings and moved to a bigger tree across from the Labor Building.  Another good sign!

Take care, Wynk.  Raleigh’s rooting for you. 🙂


Here are some images of Mama feeding Nod (Nod has slightly less brown spots on its chest – see below).  Picture credits go to Jack Nales.  Thanks, Jack!


And Mama didn’t forget Wynken!  Bravo, Mama!


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