Raleigh Raptors – Wynken on the move

Note: my book, Raleigh Raptors Spring to Spring will not be available at the Hawk-Walk tomorrow.  My apologies.

Early this morning, I heard Wynken crying, but I couldn’t locate him as his cries bounced all around and he seemed to be everywhere.  Finally, with the help of a Robin, I found Wynken on a large oak tree facing the labor building. (thanks Mr. Robin).  Wynk was having a tough time navigating the thin branches, but somehow, he managed.


Mama did a quick breakfast drop off to Blynk and Nod and I was hoping she would feed Wynk too, but nope.  Instead, she stood guard at the steeple window while the other 2 ate.

At lunch time, Wynk was still in the same oak tree and still crying.  He was somehow biting on the leaves.  I’m not sure if it was the leaves he was eating or the bugs on the leaves.  RTH’s are known to eat insects if nothing else is available.  Poor Wynk. Papa delivered what looked like a small bird to Blynk and Nod and I thought for a moment that he would deliver some to Wynk, but again, he just took off.


While Wynk cried, Blynk tested his flight gear.  I guess it won’t be long now before the other 2 fledge.

After work, Wynk’s cries again echoed throughout the Capitol, but he was no longer in the oak tree facing the Labor Building.  He moved to the oak tree next to the Confederate Monument right across from the nest.  Is he coming home?   I don’t think so, maybe just to be closer to the nest so that it’ll be easier for Mama or Papa to feed him.  These were the same  oak trees where 3 of last year’s fab 4 RTH’s fledged to.

Wynk was in such a tight spot with foliage all around him and it wasn’t easy to spot him.   Meanwhile, Blynk and Nod stared out of the back of the nest while Mama and Papa did some sight-seeing at the Wells.


While no one today saw Ma or Pa feed Wynk, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t fed.  I’ll feel better though, seeing him being fed so a note to Mama and Papa – Please don’t forget to feed Wynk and make sure someone reports it! Thanks!


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