Raleigh Raptors – This bird has flown

Actually, as of Sunday, May 27, it was confirmed that all 3 eyasses have fledged the nest.  The nest is now an empty shell, however, the Capitol is alive with 3 new Red-tailed hawks, albeit just “kids” at this point.  Here are a few images from today, Memorial Day.  I found Wynk and Blynk (I think) right next to the large oak tree north of the Capitol.  Finding them by looking into the trees was almost impossible because of all the foliage.  I had to listen to their baby cries for food to find them.

They should stick around the Capitol area for the next week or so, before they start discovering the rest of Downtown Raleigh.

and when I awoke, I was alone, these birds have flown


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – This bird has flown

  1. I have been following your and Karen Blum’s photo shoots since the beginning. Great work.
    PS: Excellent use of the Norwegian Wood lyrics.

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