Raleigh Raptors – End of May

Wow. It’s the end of May 2012 already?  On this day last year, the first eyas (from the Fab 4) fledged the nest.  This year they were a week early as expected.  Where are they now?  Good news is that all 3 of the fledglings are still in the trees around the Capitol, however, it’s very difficult to locate them by eye.  Listen to them wail for food or for Blue jays making a racket.

Today, Mama flew back to the nest with more leafy greens.  Not sure why she did that though. 


While Wynk or Blynk (not sure who, but most probably Wynk because of the distinct hoarse wail he sometimes makes) sat on the crown of the Capitol bldg.

Of course we all know that Mama and Papa are All-American…

Born and raised in North Carolina…

I guess the question now is, are they UNC or NC State?  🙂





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