Raleigh Raptors – Fledge Day 6

It has been six days after Wynken, Blynken and Nod fledged their nest at the First Baptist Church and they’re learning what the real world is like for a Red-tailed hawk. They’re still in the Capitol, on its crown, in the trees and the nearby buildings.  Blue jays and Mockingbirds bug them when they’re alone. But whenever they’re together as a pair, surprisingly, the other birds stay away. I guess there is strength in numbers.

Mama brought Blynk a toy (twig)  and fed him too! I’m not sure why Wynk who was in an oak tree didn’t join them but continued to cry out with that typical hoarse wail.

And it’s play time after breakfast. Wheeeeee!

They’re discovering what the Capitol has to offer but will leave around next week so if you want to see them, do so now or in the next week.

The real challenge is finding them.  One trick is to follow the Blue jays whenever they make a continuous racket.  Usually there’s a raptor nearby.  Good luck!




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