Raleigh Raptors – No Rest for the Weary

Edit: Friday’s Hawk-Walk wasn’t cancelled, just delayed.  Thanks, Ken.

Friday’s Hawk-Walk was cancelled due to the weather, but for Mama, come sun or rain, she still has to do her main task.  Hunt.  I heard the kids crying but couldn’t really see them atop the large oak tree by the Capitol.  Instead, I saw Mama on a low-lying branch, looking very interested at something on the ground.  I looked around but saw no squirrels or any other prey.

Suddenly, she flew to the ground and picked up a small bird that was hidden in the grass and flew off.

That’s what she was looking for.  I’m not sure what happened next, but she came back and landed on the grass no more than 10 feet away from me and sort of hopped, stopped and looked at me.  As I took these shots, she snapped up a small bird hidden beneath the grass and flew off. It was quite dark and started to drizzle, but this was a photo-op I just wasn’t going to pass up.

Magnificent raptor.

Ah! more food.

Of course, the beneficiaries of this hunt were the kids who were waiting up in the trees.

Once again…

Bravo, Mama

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