Raleigh Raptors – Injured Raptor?

There has been a report of an injured juvenile hawk which was found lumbering by the Court of Appeals.  The injury seems to be on the raptor’s left leg.  We don’t know if it’s one of the 3 recent RTH fledglings (Wynken, Blynken or Nod) or some other raptor.  As of 5+ today, I found 2 of the fledglings in the trees by the Capitol.  I did hear a strange wail from another tree, but could not locate the exact source and I didn’t find the 3rd fledgling, but this is not to suggest that he/she wasn’t in one of the trees.

To find out who the 2 RTH’s were in the Capitol this afternoon, here are two sets of images of the trio (sans one in the 2nd set).

Here are the “Definitive” images of the trio.  To tell them apart, I look at the amount of brown spots on their chest.  Two of  them have more brown spots on their chest feathers than the 3rd one.  Blynk has the most and Nod has the least.   These definitive images were taken during Wynk’s Raleigh Adventure on May 21 – 25, 2012.



Wynken (on the Capitol grounds)

Here are images from this afternoon of the 2 fledglings at the Capitol.

If I were to take a guess, this one is Wynken.

This is Blynken.

So if the injured raptor is one of the trio, it’s gotta be Nod.  I’ll check with Raleigh Animal Control on the whereabouts of the raptor tomorrow.  Hopefully, I’ll get some more info and photos to blog.


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