Raleigh Raptors – Teach Your Children

While scanning the trees for the fledglings, I caught sight of one of the adults being chased by a smaller bird.  Mama landed on an oak tree next to the Capitol with food.  The Mockingbirds wouldn’t give her any peace and started harrassing her.  Pretty soon, the Blackbirds joined in and Mama had had enough and took off.

I thought Mama would come back to feed the kids, but she took off for the Confederate statue, then continued further east. Meanwhile, back in another oak tree, Blynk was preening with a Mockingbird periodically bumping into him.  He looked  curiously at who was bugging him.  I guess by now they’re used to it.

Minutes later, Papa came screetching down from the air and landed close to Blynk with food.  Preening immediately stopped, the wailing started and wait…. Not so fast!

I thought Papa would simply hand off the food to Blynk, but no.  Blynk didn’t came dashing in either.  He flew to a branch across from Papa.

Papa held the food down with his talon and it seemed like he was asking Blynk to “Come get lunch, jr.”  Papa flew off as Blynk jumped in and grabbed lunch!  Nope. Lunch did NOT fall to the ground.  How about that for training?

While all this was transpiring, another hoarse-raspy wail came from a different tree.  Sounded like Wynk.  He flew to the same tree where Blynk was eating, but did not share in the meal.  I guess he will have his later.

After eating, Blynk nibbled on some tree bark/twig to clean his beak/mouth.  I guess he didnt have any beak-picks 🙂


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