Raleigh Raptors – Open wide and say aaahhhh

We’ll,  it’s our little Nod all right.  He was found on his back over by the Court of Appeals building and thankfully, soon enough! He is currently under the care of Steve Stone, of the American Wildlife Refuge (http://www.awrefuge.org).

According to Steve, besides not having eaten for maybe over a day, Nod is in good condition.  No broken bones or wings.  In addition, Dr. Dan Johnson (http://www.avianandexotic.com) of the Avian and Exotic Animal Care gave Nod a checkup and released him with a clean bill-of-health.  No insurance needed :).

Open wide and say “aaahhhh”

Flight gear check-up

Let’s check that ticker

I’ll Be Back, y’all

Nod will continue to rehab and will eventually be released.  Where and when is not known at this time.  If he will be released back in downtown, I sure would like to witness that event and I’m sure a lot of you folks would like to see the same!

Thanks to Dick Ellis of the Court of Appeals for calling the Raleigh Animal Control, officer Jenks for handling the call, Steve Stone and Dr. Dan Johnson for taking care of lil’ Nod!



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