Raleigh Raptors – The Kids are All-Right

June 7

I found Wynk and Blynk on the crown of the Capitol building, busy, busy, busy preening.  They weren’t wailing for food so I assumed they were just fed and not waiting for Mama or Papa for breakfast.

It’s interesting to see some of their feathers float away as they groom themselves.

As I left the Capitol, I passed by the old First Baptist Church and saw…

Papa pooped twice then took off.  I guess the parents can take much more time off now that the kids have grown, and quickly too if I may add!

I wanted to tell them that Nod was okay, but didn’t know how. 🙂

Another view of Wynk and Blynk on the Capitol

At lunch time, Wynk and Blynk were again, preening.  They were together and the usual intimidators were nowhere close.

As I’ve noticed, anytime there is more than one RTH together, no other bird bugs them.

Will they still be at the Capitol next week or will they move further away?  We’ll see.  Don’t touch that channel 🙂





2 thoughts on “Raleigh Raptors – The Kids are All-Right

  1. I have so enjoyed following the progress of all of the hawks. I also have enjoyed the book about last year. The pictures are incredible and the narrative so helpful in understanding all that goes on. I have now discovered a pair of hawks in my neighborhood and observed some hunting in my yard. I don’t know that I would have noticed without the knowledge I have gained from your posts! I also wanted to write about the connection between the two Baptist Churches. We are sister congregations, in that we were one church from 1812-1868 when we became two. We actually met in another building at the current First Baptist site on Wilmington Street before we all moved to the Salisbury St building in 1859. I am so happy that the Wynk and Blynk as well as Mama and Papa have also made the connection between the two! I am also happy that this family has been a part of our joint 200th Anniversary!

    • Carolyn,

      I am glad you have enjoyed the book and the posts on the current family of RTH’s. I myself have learned a lot from watching and observing them through out the year. This year has had a lot more drama. Wynk falling out of the nest, touring the Capitol for 5 days, then Nod getting injured and rescued. Sounds almost straight from a hollywood script :).
      Congrats on 200th anniversary of the First Baptist Church!


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