Raleigh Raptors – Moving Out

Monday morning started with a steady drizzle of rain which made it difficult to take any pictures.  But, I managed a few.

Wynken was on the Capitol’s crown and Blynken was atop the old Revenue Building.

As I approached Blynk, he took off.  I didn’t see where he flew to but found him on a TV antenna across from the Capitol (along Fayettville).

Both of them look well-fed. 🙂

I tried to get a little closer and must have looked odd to Blynk with an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other.    Blynk took off and landed in the adjacent building’s roof.  I inched in closer and he took off.  Guess he didn’t like the umbrella!

Meanwhile, Wynken played on the Capitol, hopping on and off several of the Crown’s rings.  No Mama or Papa in sight.

At lunch time, the rain had abated but the RTH’s were nowhere to be found in the Capitol area but found other birds feasting and LOTS of squirrels running up and down the trees.  So I figured, when the Hawks are away the squirrels will play!

I scouted Nash Square but didn’t find them there either so I went back towards the Capitol and saw Mama and Papa doing a dance in the air by the PNC building.

All this while one of the kids (not sure who, possibly Wynk) stood atop a chimney, wailing.

Well, they’ve moved out of the Capitol and headed south along Fayetteville the same way the Fab Four did last year.  Pretty soon, they’ll leave the Capitol area altogether.

A colleague of mine reported that at around 1 o’clock, 2 RHT’s were at the Wells Fargo and dove in to catch a pigeon.  It missed, but he said it was quite a sight.


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