Raleigh Raptors – Watch out downtown, here we come

The morning started out with a light drizzle, certainly much better than yesterday.  Mama was perched on the cross at the 1st Baptist.  I looked around the nearby buildings but didn’t see Papa or the kids.  The other birds in the trees by the Capitol were chirping a happy tune. No hawks by the Capitol.  So where were the kids?

The kids were checking out some radio antennas on the AT&T building and this building along Fayetteville st. (not sure of the name).

At lunch time, Wynk and Blynk were at the large oak tree NW of the Capitol.

Neither stayed long and both flew off.

I went around the Capitol but they were nowhere to be found.  Legs are just no match for wings :).  I stayed a little bit and saw Mama circling the Wells and eventually landing.  She was doing something and since feathers were floating off by Mama, it was safe to say she was having lunch.  As I turned to look at the other buildings, one of the kids was eating lunch too!  Rain started to fall so it wasn’t the best time to take pictures.

In the distance, I heard a hawk wailing for food.  I looked around and saw the other kid.  Hard to tell who it is since I can’t see the brown spots on the breast clearly.  If I were to take a guess, this was Wynk.

I thought he would join his sibling for lunch but, no.  He flew back to work 🙂 – towards the construction site.

By late afternoon, several Blue jays were making a big fuss at large oak tree furthest south from the Capitol.  I couldn’t see anything from under the tree but backing out I found Wynk!  He hopped around a few branches trying to rid himself of the Blue jays, but couldn’t and took off.

He landed briefly at the Capitol and took off once again.

Then he gave me the Look.

The many faces of Wynken

Serious Look

Surprised Look

Innocent Look. Who? Me?

Clearly, the new Red-tail residents are slowly exploring downtown Raleigh, but they seem to go back to the Capitol and its trees.

We’ll keep watching.


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