Raleigh Raptors – Daily Routine

Two days in a row, Mama sat on the Cross at the 1st Baptist, drying out her wings.  Without Papa by her side, a Mockingbird takes aim.


Like always, Mama ignores the Mockingbird and takes off after a while.

Mama flew close enough to say “good morning”!

Other early birds (finches?) watched as Downtown comes alive.

Meanwhile, Wynk and Blynk continued to use the AT&T TV antenna to watch Downtown Raleigh’s morning traffic and to wail for food.

I’ve always wondered how tall that red glass light dome atop the antenna was.  With Mama on it, I now have a better idea.  It must be about 3 feet tall.

While the kids start to discover more of downtown, at the end of the day, they seem to fly back to the Capitol’s trees to roost.


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