Raleigh Raptors – Happy 237th

Before we begin, Wynk, Blynk, Mama and Papa would like to say Happy 237th to the Army! (even if they belong to the RAF – Raleigh Air Force :))

Back to the scene…

Once again, AT&T, Hello?  But Mama wasn’t at her usual spot.  One of the kids checked out the Raleigh Water Tower.

But all the wailing in the world didn’t bring any food.  So a fly back to the Capitol was in order, but being such a big object in a tree makes it easy for a Blue jay to spot and harass.

At lunch time was no better.  Blynk (i think), moved from tree to tree, but this Mockingbird just would not stay away!

Finally, late afternoon, some peace….  except for the wind. Oops!


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