Raleigh Raptors – Welcome Back Mr. Kestrel

I haven’t seen Kassie or his mate for almost 2 months, but got news that Kassie’s back in town. Thanks for the tip, Karen.  Here are some up-close shots.  Kassie’s very camera shy.  Point the lens towards him and off he goes.  Luckily, this Kitty (hawk) was busy preening.

Edit: this kestrel is the Mrs. – thanks, John

It’s interesting to see a Kestrel’s head markings.  They look like eyes.

and another correction.  this is Mr. Cooper.  Nice to know he/she’s still around.

Kassie nor Mr. Cooper didn’t have any encounters with Wynk or Blynk, they were too busy being bugged by MockingBlues 🙂

Somehow both RTH’s seemed to stay around the Capitol today.  Nope. No visit to the AT&T building.

Blynk plays hide-and-seek with a squirrel.  Actually, this squirrel was trying to pass, but Blynk (I think) was in his way.

The squirrel eventually gave up, backed off and found another way through.

I just checked my notes from last year.  While the Fab-Four fledged a week later, by this time, they were already away from the Capitol area.  Somehow, Wynk and Blynk are still enjoying their stay at the Capitol-Inn.  We’ll see where they’ll go next week.


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