Raleigh Raptors – Few and Far in Between

is how I’d describe the photo opportunities in the last 2 days.  Wynken and Blynken have moved further south while Mama and Papa watched from a much higher peak.


By mid-day, Mama and Papa were still at the same tower, but the kids were nowhere to be found.  At first, I saw only Mama next to the red beacon, but looking closely at the photo, I found Papa!

June 19th

Early morning, I found one of the kids back at the Capitol.  But, being by himself (not sure if it’s Wynk or Blynk), provided an opportunity for MockingBlues to pester and pester they did!

By lunch time, I found one kid on an antenna on the AT&T bldg, but by the time I got closer, he flew off.

Well, photo opportunities are going to dwindle in the coming weeks, and it surely won’t be like the last month or so where every day was a photo-op day.

But we had quite a show and had lots of fun in the last 3 months.  Where can you find a scenario where an eyas (Wynk) falls out of his nest, lives for 5 days in the Capitol, flies back to the nest, two days later fledges with all his siblings, then one of his sibling (Nod) gets hurt and ends up in rehab and have the paparazzi all over them?  Hollywood?  Nah, Raleigh! 🙂


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