Raleigh Raptors – A month ago…

June 21st

A month ago today, I woke up, fell out of bed and quickly learned what my wings were made for.  That was quite an experience for me.

It was tough to move from tree to tree and finding safety and food was well, I didn’t know how.  Luckily, there were some pretty concerned 2-legged, feather-less, fur-less creatures whose language I couldn’t understand (they didn’t speak Red-tail) and Mama.

I had a grand tour of the Capitol and met many other creatures.  Some were furry but had no wings, some were like me, only smaller but with different colored wings and were rather rude and very noisy.  Mama called them the “MockingBlues”.

Today, I’m older and going from place to place is now easy.   I just use these things on my back; my wings!  Along the way, I’ve made a few “friends” who follow me from place to place around the Capitol. While they can be bothersome at times, I sort of enjoy the company.  Makes me feel “special” :).

Let’s go, Mack

I still depend on Mama and Papa for food, but they’ve moved the food delivery further away from “home” and don’t deliver as often as before.  What’s up Mom? Dad?

I guess what my folks are trying to tell me is I have to start fending for myself.  I’ll be leaving the Capitol area soon and to all of you folks who have watched me grow up all these weeks, I’d like to say, thanks!  It’s been quite a ride… errr… flight.



*All Images Copyrighted.  Please do not use without permission.  – Thank you.


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