Raleigh Raptors – Have Wings, Will Fly

I haven’t had much time to get photos of the Downtown RTH’s, but today was just simply weathertastic. Seventy degrees in June?  Oh, well. While it lasts, I’ll enjoy it.  It’s supposed to hit 100 this Friday and all weekend.

One of the kids was at the 1st baptists’ cross.  Mama and Papa were nowhere to be seen.   It looked like Wynken and he seemed like he was gagging, trying to dislodge something.  And he did!  I’m not sure what that was, but from what I’ve read, they do throw up stuff that can’t be digested.  Hair ball? 🙂

With that out of the way, it was time to do the morning agenda, namely take to the skies and enjoy that nice weather and giving Blynken who was at the Capitol a good scare.

Have Wings, Will Fly

A little update on Nod.  As per Steve, Nod is continuing his rehab and is doing quite well.  He may be released in 1 – 2 weeks.  The release venue is not known at this time but will be more likely in an outlying city park further from traffic and closer to large amounts of food.

I’ll keep you all posted when I get more information.

Till then….


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