Raleigh Raptors – Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

June 27

I found Wynk and Blynk by the Capitol looking quite active.  One of them swooped down and actually chased a Blue Jay!  While they looked healthy, one thing for sure was that they were hungry.  Both of them were wailing and Mama and Papa were nowhere in sight.  Light bulbs aren’t that tasty either!

Yesterday,  I found Papa coming in for a landing then followed by one of the wailing kids.  I looked around and didn’t find his sibling.  No more than a few seconds later, Papa flew off.  I figured out late that the juvenile was Blynk (lower pitched wail and no hoarseness).  Wynk was nowhere in the area.

Blynk watched as papa flew off

Sadly, I found out later in the day that another hawk has been rescued.  Although I’m not 100% positive it’s Wynk, somehow I think it is.  The RTH was found on the 2nd story of the Raleigh Building #5, hiding in one of the AC units.

Is it Wynk?  Here’s a profile photo from 6/21.  For those just joining us, he was the one who “Woke up and Fell out of Bed”.

looking at the upper-left brown marks on his feathers, I’d say this is Wynken all right, but can’t be 100% sure.

On a happy note, according to Steve of the the American Wildlife Refuge, there are no visible signs of injury.  My guess it’s the same as what happened to Nod several weeks ago.  Probably hungry and too weak to fly.  We’ll hope he gets well and will say “I’ll be Back”.

Thanks to whoever reported the injured hawk and to Steve.

Stay tuned…


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