Raleigh Raptors – One Less Beak to Feed

July 2

Blynk stood on the antenna atop the AT&T building and wailed.  He then circled around the Capitol and landed on the roof of Court of Appeals building. Suddenly, he took off, eyes fixed on something in my direction!  Little did I know that Papa was on a light pole behind me.

Here’s a good comparison between a juvenile and adult RTH.  Adult plumage is more brown, with a russet-red tail and dark black eyes.

Juveniles’ plumage is more black with a striped black-grey tail.  Eyes are yellow-green.

Blynk landed and Papa took off. Seemed like Papa had the feeding duties this morning.

Blynk started to eat then hopped down and ate again.  I’m not sure if he had 2 food items.  Hmmm…. Last one Standing gets all the food, I guess

After eating, Wynk cleaned his beak, then did a Hawk Walk and took off.

Update on Wynk:

According to Steve, Wynk is in the same flight cage as Nod, but the two are not socializing. I don’t know if they should or should not.  I’m thinking “human”, not “hawk”.   He will be examined by Doctor Johnson of the Avian and Exotic animal care.

Nod is ready to be released, but where and when are not known.  With Wynk getting hurt, It probably won’t be downtown.

Stay tuned…


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