Raleigh Raptors – What’s Up, Papa?

It’s been quite wet in the past 2 days here in Downtown Raleigh and the RTH’s have their wings all soaked and needed some drying.  Papa perched here and started drying his wings when Blynken found him!

Hi, Dad!

But Papa didn’t have any food and took off in a hurry.  Looks like Blynk’s folks are telling Blynk to start hunting!

Blynk flew around the area and actually took a steep ‘hunting’ type dive from the Highway building towards the parking deck.  He came up empty though.  At least he’s trying!

Blynk pulled up and landed on a light post but apparently, too close to a bunch of Crows (or Black bird?) who didn’t take his presence kindly.

No contest here.  Blynk not wanting any trouble, took off.

Update on Nod and Wynken:

Nod might be released next week.  Wynken is “off the ground” and flying around in his training cage.

If all goes well, both may be released next week.

Stay tuned…


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