Raleigh Raptors – Last One Standing

July 13th

Blynk was flying around downtown and was able to track down Papa.  But like the past few days, Papa didn’t stay to chat or give any food, but instead flew off, circled back  and did his civic duty at the flag pole while Mama stood atop an antenna tower a few blocks down.

Blynk, flew off and came from behind the Capitol with food in his talons.  I didn’t see Papa nor Mama delivering the food, but it could have been done earlier or Blynk might have hunted on his own! (blurry, but better than nothing)

He ate while a few Crows watched from below.

After chasing off a few Crows (yeah!), Blynk flew back and started practicing his “Arnis” skills. 🙂

Wynk practices Eskrima

After getting a little tired playing, he finally let go of the stick and took to the air.

And landed on a Cell antenna.

Hopefully, Blynk will still be in town next week.

An update on Wynk and Nod.  They’re both doing well and might be released at a park in Wake County this weekend.

I’ll post any updates I get.


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