Raleigh Raptors – Good Morning, Blynken

The downtown Red-tails are becoming harder to spot and photo opportunities have become few and far in between.  But, I’m glad to report that at 53 days post-fledge, Blynk is still in town.  He’s discovered the Moore Square bus terminal and probably scouted Moore Square park for potential prey.

However, Blynk is still wailing for food and Papa and Mama are nowhere in sight.

One thing’s for sure.  Blynken is more camera-shy these days.  He wouldn’t stay long to pose.

At noon, I tried to find where these RTH’s would hunker down away from the noon day heat.  Moore and Nash square yielded nothing, but surprise, surprise!  Here’s Papa staying out of the sun at the 19th floor of Two Progress Plaza.  I’m sure the RTH’s are around,  just not so visibly obvious.

Based on my observations last year,  the Red-tails will become more and more difficult to find in the coming weeks, until they make their come back in the fall.

I won’t be updating my blog as often as in the past months, but I’ll post what I find.  It should be interesting to see if Blynk stays behind like Babe did last year.

Hmmm….. I wonder how Wyken and Nod are doing out there in the wild?  Hopefully, well!






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