Raleigh Raptors – I’m On Top of the World

Sparse sightings of our Red-tailed friends.  I haven’t seen Blynken for several days now, but my colleague reported seeing him down by Wilmington and Cabarrus wailing as he flew across.

Mama has been a frequent visitor on the Two Progress Plaza (TPP).  Maybe she knows it soon will be dealt the fate of the Wachovia and RBC buildings.  A name change.

She flew to another high perch, but of course, Mack’s (the Mockingbird) relatives don’t take kindly to that.

Ah, it’s back to TPP

In the noon time heat, I found Mama circling and flying to the highest peak in downtown or quite possibly, in all of Raleigh.

But she didn’t stay long and took off.  I waited to see her circle around the building, but minutes passed and nothing.  So I did the circling and found her here.

It must be hot, even from way up there!

Hmmm, a large bird feather?  🙂


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