Raleigh Raptors – Alive and Well

Weather in Raleigh today was much cooler than in the past week and the Hawks were out and not just the Red-tails.

An early morning heavy fog surrounded downtown but that didn’t seem to bother Mama.

By mid-day, the fog was long gone and visibility was perfect, but some small birds still didn’t see Mama perched on the cross.  Mama watched in amazement and was probably saying…

“Can I help you?”

A little leg stretch…

And off she goes…

on a short hop to the next building

She wasn’t too shy this time for  a close-up.  It also looked like she’s sported a new summer attire.  Feathers seem to be mottled.

But, she’s got other things to do besides posing for the camera so it’s off to the next building, but only to be followed by….Blynken!

However, just like every other time I’ve seen this in the past several weeks, Mama took off before Blynk even landed.

Then it’s off to the trees by Moore Square.  Blynk, didn’t give up though and gave chase.

It was quite a distance from where I stood, but a long shot is better than no shot.

Bye, bye, Blynk!  Mama took to the skies and soared, only to find another Raptor in the air space right above the Capitol.  Hmm…. this is MY TERRITORY and she gave out a LOUD screetch!

I thought at first it was Papa, but as I checked the image, it looked like it’s Mr. Cooper.  I’ll check with our resident expert.

Edit: This was not a Coopers, but a Broad-winged Hawk. – thanks, John

Raleigh’s Raptors are alive and well!


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