Raleigh Raptors – A Timeline

I’ve put together a timeline of the Red-tail hawks from April 20th until August 1st.  I thought it would be neat to see how they grew from eyas, to fledgling, to juvenile all in a short span of 3 months.

Their growth specially from late April to early May was nothing short of astonishing.  It seemed like they just transmogrified from looking like fuzzy balls of cotton to Red-tail eyasses complete with remiges.  Kudos to Mama and Papa for providing food and protection!


Stardate 2012.4.20

April 20

April 25

April 30

May 2

May 8

May 14

May 21

After Wynken fell off the nest on May 21st and toured the Capitol for 5 days, hunger forced him back to the nest and he reunited with Blyken and Nod.  He had to learn in a hurry how to use those wings and landing gear :).

Here’s a good image of Blynken, Nod, and Wynken  just 2 days before they fledged.  (photo courtesy of Jack Nales)

June 1

June 7

June 14

June 20

June 26

By late June, only 1 of the eyasses, “Blynken” remained in Downtown Raleigh.  The other 2 were in rehab at the American Wildlife Refuge.  Both were released back to mother nature in mid July.

July 2 – Blynken flies solo in Downtown Raleigh

July 9

July 13

July 19

August 1

How long will Blynken stay in downtown Raleigh?  Another week? A month or will he do what Babe did last year and stay until the next breeding season?

We’ll see.  Till then,  it’s been fun.  I hope you enjoyed this long-running show. I certainly did!  Bye for now!

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