Raleigh Raptors – The Blog Must Go On!

I thought that by now Blynken would have left downtown Raleigh and pursued his own territory.  But, he’s still here.Mama was on the eastern side of the Highway Building before hopping to the flag pole.

Then I heard a familiar “kee-yuk”.  A wailing call from a juvenile Red-tail hawk.  Can you find Blynken in this next photo?

Hint: he’s at the lower left hand corner. see below.

Mama didn’t stay long and flew to a familiar site.  The Capitol.  Blynken immediately followed.

As usual, Mama didn’t seem to stay long whenever Blynk’s around.

She flew to the Wells Fargo, made a few circles above Fayettville street and flew south.

Blynk did follow, but went the AT&T route.  That was the last I saw of them this morning.

It seems like Blynken will be staying a tad longer than I thought.  Well, if there’s news to report, then this blog will go on!






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