Raleigh Raptors – Goodbye, Blynken?

August 7th

Early mornings have been nice and comfortable and 2 Red-tails were in the air.  The lighting wasn’t great and I could only guess that at least one of them was a parent.  What I wasn’t sure if the other RTH was Blynk or both were parents.  A little post-processing revealed that it was Mama and Blynk.

From my observations in the past few weeks, it looked like Mama and Papa wants Blynk to fend for himself.  Whenever Blynk gets close, they move away.

At noon, Mama was at the cell antenna and minutes later flew to the Red-Hat Tower(formerly known as Two Progress Plaza :)).

Why did she move?  Guess who took over at the antenna?  Blynk wailed, but Mama didn’t budge.

August 8th

This was the first time I’ve seen Blynk at one of Mama and Papa’s favorite perching spots.

A wynk later, he disappeared.  I looked around but didn’t see him, but suddenly he emerged from the back of the building.

I thought he would land somewhere close by, but he continued to fly higher and higher and further out (NW) way past the building construction and towards Capitol Blvd until I could see him no more.

Tight crop of the image above:

Was Blynken just flying around and checking out other parts of the city or has he said his final goodbye?


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