Raleigh Raptors – Brunch

Well, it looked like Blynk was just flying around and taking a survey of the outskirts of downtown the last time I saw him, because he’s baaaacccckkk!

Still wailing, but it seemed like he’s hunting on his own.  I spotted him having brunch at 8:51 AM.

I thought he would be done in a few minutes, but here he was at 9:35 still busy eating.

He should done… or so I thought.  At 10:35, after a few minutes of rest, he finished off his meal.

My colleague had a spotting scope and I used my P&S to take a photo thru the scope.

Agent James Blynk

The shot above was taken about 1/4 of a mile away using a Canon SX230 looking thru a Bushnell spotting scope.  Not bad!

Blynk came back after lunch at around 2:30 PM  to survey Moore Square.  I guess even after that BIG brunch he was still hungry!  Then he took to the skies and disappeared behind the building construction next to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Blynk looked good!  Almost or as big as Papa now.

Way to go, Blynk!


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