Raleigh Raptors – The Morning Show

Downtown Raleigh’s Red-tails are most visible in the early morning hours.  I guess it’s due to cooler temperatures and lesser traffic (both human and cars).

Today, Aug 13, it was papa hopping around from building to building.  No sign of Mama or Blynk.

From a cell antenna…

To a TV antenna across the street…

To a building several blocks down.

On my way home, a bad accident snarled cars at Capitol Blvd.  As I sat in traffic, I saw a Red-tail land on a electric utility pole. Nope. This wasn’t Mama or Papa but the ‘resident’ Red-tail by Capitol and I440.  Hello there!

After over a year of following these RTh’s, it’s become almost 2nd nature for me to scan the skies for large birds and yes, there are quite a bit of Red-tailed hawks in the Raleigh area.  You’ll just need to pay attention. 🙂


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