Raleigh Raptors – A Day at the Olympics

Live from Olympic arena in Raleigh, NC, this is Blynken R. Hawk reporting on the high-dive event.

Our athletes are standing by due to an early morning rain delay.

With the sun out in force, our athletes are ready to get going.

The event today is the high-dive.  Representing the US of A, from Raleigh, NC, Mama R, Hawk.

Mama gets ready…

Mama does a double-wing flap, no-twist dive.



Perfect, Yes?

Bravo!  And the judges scores …..  10 – 10 – 10 -10 -10!

Thank you!  Now, Papa R. Hawk doing the …. ?

Wait!  Papa R. Hawk,  there is NO POOL down there.  What on earth are you doing?

Oh, I see.  It’s lunch time!  Take a bow, take a bow.

Till next time, this has been Blynken R. Hawk, reporting.  Ciao!


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