Raleigh Raptors – Intruder – Alert!

Blynk wears many hats.  One day he’s the traffic reporter, the next he’s covering the Olympics.  Today, he’s the guardian. 

Atop a cell tower, Blynk watched over his territory.   Yawn, not much happening.

By lunch time, there were no signs of any of the Red-tails, but in the distance, high-up was another raptor.  Intruder. Alert!

Blynk? Mama? Papa? Babe?

For all of you just joining us who don’t know Babe, she was one of the “Fab-Four” from last year’s brood.  She stayed in Downtown and even helped Mama and Papa rebuild their nest this year.  It’s all in my book Raleigh Raptors Spring-to-Spring. Here’s a $2 coupon code AC4MRRDW in case you’d like to buy the book.

The raptor circled for quite a while over Moore Square, then took a sharp, swift dive towards Nash Square.

A few pigeons scattered from the roof tops.  I didn’t see this raptor re-surface so I headed towards Nash Square to check it out.  Did he catch lunch? In Nash Square he wasn’t, but on the AT&T building he was. 

This definetely wasn’t a Red-tail but looked like Mr. Cooper or one of his relatives.  He didn’t stay long and took off towards the antenna tower across the street.

He stayed briefly on the antenna tower then headed north.  I guess he knew he couln’t stay as this was Red-tail territory! 

This Red-head, OTOH, had no problems staying put and even hopped and posed for the camera. 🙂


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