Raleigh Raptors – Civic Duty

This is Mama R. Hawk from station WRTH sitting in for Blynken who is on a reconaissance duty to check out tropical storm Isaac.  Now for the weather report:

From the West – nothing much here and my cousin goldie agrees 🙂

To the North East… all is quiet

To the south, let’s see… Somethings churning in the Atlantic which would possibly impact our area.

Now, where is that Hurricane Hawk reserve aircraft?  Well, here he is now.  It’s about time, Blynkie.

Thanks, Blynkie.

And the report:

Tropical Storm Isaac has the potential to impact our area.  However, overnight, the storm’s project path track shifted further westward which could reduce the impact for us here.  Remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac could arrive in our area by next Tuesday and bring in 3-6 inches of rain.

So, bring out those umbrellas.  In the mean time, let me send you over to Blynken who has double-dutied as the construction foreman.

Crane Operator: “Hey, Blynk, we need a little more counter-weight.  Can you scoot over and help us out?”

Blynk: “Sure! No problem!”


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