Raleigh Raptors – A Hunting We Will Go

Sept 4

The day started with both parents on separate antenna towers.  Sensing that they’ll be there a while, I didn’t wait for them and proceeded to work.  As I passed by Blount street, there was a large bird on a nearly-bare tree.   Who was it?

Blynken!  He didn’t take kindly to the camera and took off once I started taking shots.  He flew to a chimney next to Mikey Dee’s (by Lenoir street)…

then flew to a tree by the parking lot.  He didn’t stay long there either.  Apparently, he was late for a show at the

Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

But the first show was not until later this afternoon. 🙂 so Blynk flew further south only to be chased back by the resident Cooper’s hawk.  One thing I can tell you.  It’s not easy chasing a hawk on foot 😦

This Cooper’s hawk chased Blynk back up Fayetteville Street

By lunch time, Mama was at the weather station but had other things in mind besides the weather.  She was on the hunt.

After looking around, she finally zeroed in on a target and pounced.

I didn’t see where she flew to  as she went behind a building.  I took a chance and circled around.  In between 2 buildings, I heard some intermittent squealing up a tree; a squealing that didn’t sound like any bird. It wasn’t.  I looked up and saw Mama with her catch.

I thought that squirrels would run away upon seeing a hawk, but this mother squirrel did the exact opposite.  She tried to scare Mama by running up and down the tree, squealed and even jumped towards Mama.   The photo isn’t very clear as Mama was obscured by leaves.

Here’s a  little post-processed image (leaves in B&W) to show where the mother squirrel was relative to Mama.  They were separated by no more than 5 feet.

As valiant an effort by the mother squirrel, it was futile.  Mama would not give up her catch.

This is Nature’s Way.


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